Mesh Modeling in 3ds Max for Beginners

Learn how to use 3ds Max tools to create mesh models

00:22:35 min    6 sessions    Intermediate

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Course Fees: $1.99
Session : 6
Duration : 00:22:35
Level : Intermediate
Subject : 3D Visualization
Course Overview:

In computer graphics, mesh is a collection of vertices, edges, and faces that define the shape of a many-sided object. 3ds Max software can be used to create mesh models. This course introduces multiview, precision and measurement tools, among others of 3ds Max that are used in mesh modeling. It also covers techniques like transforming objects - adjusting an object’s position, orientation, and scale, relative to the 3D space, and UVW, a coordinate mapping technology that is used to project 2D textures onto the surfaces of the 3D objects. 



Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, you will be familiar with all the techniques required for making 3d mesh models using 3ds Max such as converting primitives objects into 3D models. Key topics covered include:

  • Working with 3ds Max
  • Modeling 3D objects
  • Transforming objects
  • Selection tools
  • Bend, UVW Mapping
  • Gradient Material mapping


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Anybody with basic knowledge in computing and 3ds Max 


Topic Duration
Introduction to 3ds max and Flower model00:02:14
About Torus knot object00:03:36
Working with Edit mesh00:05:07
Working with Bend modifier and cone object00:03:02
Working with Mesh smooth00:03:10
Working with Gradient material00:05:26
Total Duration: 00:22:35

Course Includes

Online exercise

Lifetime access to lecture videos, study materials


Assessment on practice with quiz for each topic

Certificate on completion

Internationally valid certificate on
successful completion of the course

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